Special People (A Tribute to Educators) by Don Dilley

There is a very special group,
Who go forth every day.
To face another special group,
And show to them the way.

That way is knowledge, truth and light,
That way is what they teach.
They try to tell our precious kids,
And show them goals to reach.

They sometimes put their very life,
Upon the chopping block.
But through it all they still stand fast,
Stand fast as if a rock.

Each child they teach is one more seed,
To sprout and then unfurl.
Those kids they teach now will soon be,
The leaders of this world.

Our teachers will instill the best,
In all our children’s minds.
To make them adults, smart and proud,
They won’t be left behind.

So let me say to all who read,
These words I put down here.
Give praise to all our teachers now,
And raise a hearty cheer.

For my own self, I’ll tell them now,
I do appreciate.
The work you do so well I see,
Will gain you heaven’s gate.

You teach our young and watch them grow,
You teach them right from wrong.
To thank you for this selfless work,
I’ll write this little song.

It is the way I have this day,
To say “thanks for my son”.
To tell you now, I thank you all,
It is a job well done.