Courage :)

This is what the small, still voice told me in the middle of the night last night.



This is what I believe you (what WE) have come here for: to learn how to be courageous.

I don’t think life asks anything more from us than this.

Everything on earth, it seems, is set up to test our courage, and to give us chances to find our bravery.

As a human being, you will need courage for EVERY important thing you do here on Earth — to love, to create, to share, to transform your life, to fight for goodness, to overcome heart-shattering losses, to tell the truth, to face criticism, to rise above your own inner darkness, to stand up for yourself, to defend those who are weaker than you, to face down those who are stronger than you, to find your own pathway to God, to ask for help, to offer help, to search for joy, to express pain, to celebrate, to grieve, to hold on tight at certain times, and — at other times — to just walk away.

Courage is the hardest assignment in the world. But it’s also the only assignment in the world.
If you are stuck and lost right now, and you are wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life next, I can tell you only this: You are supposed to find your courage.

I wish I could tell you more than that. But that’s the only thing the voice told me last night. And so that’s what I will work with today.

And tomorrow, too.

And ever ONWARD,